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 Fire Meet Gasoline, [Open]
VAMPIRE · 21 Posts
Posted on: Jan 28 2018, 01:02 AM
Played by Cryssie · 641 years · Vampire · Surviving
You said you would never leave me I believe you I believe
726 for whoever dares interrupt her sulking
Crimson blood slowly dripped down Marcel’s chest as Faye’s newly bewitched vervain and wolfsbane dagger was dragged gracefully down. ”Tell me where you’ve hidden Nik and I’ll think about letting you live.” The words were like ice as her eyes never left his.The new type of hybrid groaned rather loudly at the pain, but closed his mouth and glared down at Faye. ”Now, now Marcellus none of my lion friends are here, so I know the cat hasn’t got your tongue. Talk to me sweetie.” She flashed him one of her classic smiles as she slipped the blade into the fresh wound. ’You might as well kill me,’ Marcel started after letting out more of a yell this time, ’because I’ll never tell you where he is.” Faye’s smile faded and she shoved the blade in at vampire speed stopping just before the hilt entered him. She took a step back leaving the blade in place and punched his face as hard as she could. Blood splattered from his lips making Faye frown. ”That wasn’t the answer I wanted, Marcellus.” She looked down at her shirt seeing blood, her frown deepened, ”And you’ve gone and ruined my favorite shirt!’ The vampress stomped from out of the compound cellar and up to her temporary room, leaving Marcel to his agony.

Since she had heard of Hope’s victory over her new prisoner Faye had returned to New Orleans in hope of getting the girl’s family and her best friend back. Though, she wasn’t expecting to find other house guests there. Apparently Hope had made some new witchy friends, now Faye was not one to judge, but when it came to the Mikaelson family she knew that this would not sit well when they returned. She’d managed to convince Hope to only keep just one in the compound the others would need to find new residency. It wasn’t any better that the Hope had chosen was a boy with dark hair, but it was better than the original group. Faye made it her duty to keep an eye on the young girl as well as to learn more about her new friends and try to get information out of Marcel about the where abouts of the original hybrid. All things were proving to be difficult, but Faye was not one to back down.

After a quick shower Faye got dressed and headed out. Sure, Elijah and Niklaus had fully stocked hidden areas of bourbon, but Faye needed to get out and get something more to drink. The Quarter had been just as crowded as it usually was on a Saturday night, which worked in Faye’s favor. She slipped through the people unseen hunting out her prey. Her eyes came across a young man walking by himself. A devilish grin formed on her face as she looped arms with him, the grin quickly turned flirtatious. ”Looking for a bit of fun?” She didn’t even bother asking if he was alone, that didn’t matter. Faye was rather annoyed with the day and she needed to feed. The boy nodded with a cocky smile. Her bloodlust boiled with excitement in the pit of her stomach as she led the boy into a dark alley. ”Promise you won’t scream?” her voice was soft as she compelled him before her tongue grazed over his jugular. Then, she fed. Well she tore the poor kid’s throat out as she drank but, oh well.

She cleaned her mouth with his shirt, then made sure no one had seen or she’d have eaten them too. She then continued to make her way to Rousseau’s. Normally she’d have gone to St. John’s but she just loved making the witches in this bar swarm. As she entered one of them saw her and rolled her eyes. Faye flashed a cheeky grin her way before taking a seat at the bar at the end. ”Your strongest bourbon, hun.” She couldn’t get away with compelling this tender, but she’d definitely get one of these to pay for her drinks for her. The first drink she received was gone the second she got it, then she ordered her second. This time she stared down into it lost in her thoughts.

notes: I can't promise she won't bite. You don't have to match WC OUTFIT

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