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 Down in New Orleans, [Open]
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Posted on: Jan 26 2018, 01:56 PM
Played by Cryssie · 21 years · Werelion (Other) · Student/Bartender
"Sarcasm, because beating the shit out of people is illegal."
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The music of one of her new friends filled the space of the St John Infirmary as Teigan walked to clock in for her shift. It was early evening, that time of day where you could just barely see the sun setting behind the horizon. The sky was a gorgeous blend of blue, pink and orange, with slight hints of purple as the moon took the sun’s place. Being that it was also a Friday night the small bar for the supernatural was staying open later for people looking to start the weekend off right. There were only a few bodies occupying the area, but Teigan knew that would change in a few short minutes. Everyone was unwinding from work, and school. The young lioness had never noticed how many college supernaturals hung out in this place until she started almost four years ago.

Four years had seemed like so long ago for most people, but to Teigan it was only a few moments ago. She had learned so much about who she really was and her family. It was almost hard to believe that so much time had passed already. During the all out war with the Knights of the Order Teigan had learned that Eva wasn’t just some random lion she met by chance, but her sister. She had a real blood sister. It was unreal. She’d grown up alone her whole life until she went back to public school, and boom she’s got a sister. Her biological father was alive too. He’s sought her and Eva out after all these years and dropped bombshell after bombshell. It was like someone had opened a floodgate of information.

The one thing that still shocked her to this day was the island. It wasn’t even the fact that she was basically a princess and Eva was in line to be the next Queen, but that there was a whole island of were-lions and other cats. The first time she went she couldn’t get enough of it, she could have stayed forever. The only problem is that she had a plan, one that she intended to stick to. So she came back to New Orleans and went to college. She did enjoy going back on her breaks. Some were-cats had even come back with her. Some at her father’s ordering for her protection, others wanting to be in the real world. It was sort of like a foreign exchange without the paperwork and organization. Most of them adjusted well, others had their issues, but Teigan was happy with it all either way.

After clocking in Teigan headed over to the bar with a big smile greeting a new customer. ”What can I get you?” Bartending was super easy and being as friendly as she could be the tips were pretty good on occasion too. It kept her bills paid. Staying on campus was rough, but she couldn’t bring herself to stay at the Soklov’s without Eva. It was just too weird. Teigan did have to admit she missed a good home cooked meal every once in a while.

notes: OUTFIT Damn it's good to be back!

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