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 Fortify - Young Justice & DC Comics - Brand New
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Posted on: Apr 15 2018, 04:43 PM
Miss Red
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The world finds itself in the crossfire of a genetics arms race!

Evil never dies. It only takes on new form. A year after the thwarting of the Reach's invasion, our heroes are facing a new threat. Meta humans across the globe have gone missing, becoming victims of a global meta human trafficking trade. From there they find themselves merely product, sold to the deep pockets to those who wish to use their powers from anything from security to manipulating a boardroom full of stockholders. The financial gain has been astounding. But not unchallenged.

The science world has not overlooked this growing craze and the race to truly unlock the ability to manipulate the meta gene is being run at a breakneck pace. Meta human enhancement; metas with low level powers are being juiced up for a bigger punch. Meta gene splicing; normal humans are being granted superpowers by inserting a meta gene into their own genetic code.

It is a war between nature and science and the earth and all those living in it are caught in the middle as figures wage this war using their new human weapons.


Fortify takes place a year after the end of Young Justice, Season 2. The Team is still active, lead by Tim Drake, and their base of operations is the Watchtower. We have also introduced the Titans, based in Jump City and lead by Dick Grayson. We allow <I>OCs and canons</I>, our <I>word count is 300</I> and we are a <I>3/3/3</I> board. We are a premium board but we welcome players of all ages.


Some Highly Sought Canons!
Batman -- The Flash -- Robin (Tim Drake) -- Raven -- Impulse -- Artemis (Crock) -- Wonder Girl -- Green Arrow -- Black Canary -- Cyborg -- Miss Martian -- Aqualad -- Superman -- Superboy -- Red Arrow -- Lagoon Boy -- Rocket -- Black Adam -- Static -- Deathstroke -- Green Lantern (Hal) -- Blue Beetle
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