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 Through My Look Glass, I know I'm Lame xD Deal with it!
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Posted on: Apr 6 2016, 02:01 AM
Played by Cryssie · 23 years · Admin · Overseer
"A Capricorn will always be by your side, until you fuck that up."
If you look up bad bios online, you'll see my face. I am terrible at introducing myself. Literally if someone goes "So, tell me about yourself." I'll respond with, "Well, what do you want to know." I'm very bad at it. There's a lot to be learned about me, but it can't all be put into words. Somethings are just meant to be experienced. And so as time goes on you'll learn more about me! Lol Though, the basics fun facts are, I'm 21, my birthday was in January. I'm from Los Angeles, but I now live in Vegas, have for 9/10 years now. I don't like it. To be honest living in Vegas isn't as great as visiting. I graduated high school in 2013, I didn't do so well with college. *shrugs* School isn't for everyone. Writing, reading, and watching TV shows are my top three favorite things. I'm really chill I don't like drama(outside of RP. RPing dram is life though xD) I like to enjoy the people I role play with, that's due to my friendly nature. It's rare that I come off rude. If I do, just know that I don't mean it. I hate being the bad guy, but if I have to be I will be. Also I'm very open, if you have a problem with me about anything, PLEASE PM me and tell me so we can fix it. Also if you just want someone to talk to I'm your girl! I'm a great listener, and sometimes good with advice.

To elaborate on a few points now! Writing, since that's part of what's us all here! Lol. I started writing when I was 11. I got really bored one day and I had this thought to write down whatever flowed into my head. That's how I ended up with this piece of crap short story. I think back on it to this day and wonder what I was thinking. It was so poorly written it's sad. As I got older I wrote more and more and even started doing one liners with a friend of mine. Then my story writing got worse, because I adapted to a friend's writing style that I was cowriting with. I think I started role playing on forums in 2010-2011. That site didn't last long. Then I joined a site that actually changed my life I met some great people. Then I moved from that site with one of the admins, who'd wanted help with another site. So, I've only been adminning for just under 4 years. That site, I made some great friends and some not so great Wolf Lol. From there it only got better. I love making friends that enjoy writing. Now I've been outta practice for a few months. Getting back into writing isn't like riding a bike sadly. Writer's block is a b*tch when you're getting back into it.

The second thing that brought us to the site are fandoms. Namely, TV Shows! All the shows here on the site are my top favorites. I've been watching The Vampire Diaries/The Originals since day one. Teen Wolf, I came in a season late, but was caught up before season two even aired. And Supernatural, the best one there is, I would see episodes here and there. Then I decided to watch it from season one(thank you Netflix) I caught up before season seven aired. Now my list of shows goes well beyond those four. I also watch Once Upon A Time, Walking Dead, Reign, Flash, Arrow, Gotham, I mean the list goes on. Ask me about a show, and it's a good possibility that I watch it. Same with movies. I've seen hundreds of them. I can't even remember 20 right off the top of my head. I'm sure if I sat and thought about it I could. Lol. I have seen the Marvel movies! I'm behind, yes. I have not seen Deadpool ): Or even the Batman v. Superman movie(Yes I know that's a DC Comics movie). I think those are the most recent hero movies that I haven't seen. I also refuse to watch the newest Fantastic Four. I have my reasons lol.

For someone that sucks at talking about herself I sure do know how to ramble on and on. Which is now clear I do ramble a lot. Honestly I really just picked things that are usually topics on sites among members xD ahaha! Anyway I'm going to end this here! I wanted to post the first introduction to try to get others to follow suit. It's definitely not mandatory, I just think it’s a fun way to get to know each other lol xD OH!!! I love ships and picspam!!! So if we plot and there's picspam of the characters you can definitely expect that from me! I'm not terrible at graphics, but I'm getting better, and practice makes perfect!! I have a shop HERE Lol Okay I'm seriously done now! Thanks for reading my babble! Hope you enjoy it here at Escaping Our Shadows!!!

I should have probably mentioned my characters xD oops. Bonnie Bennett, Calista Argioli, Crystina Merrick, Falisity Gillario, Hope Mikaelson, Izzy Dallas, James Grant, Kassandra Campana, Lydia Martin, Sebastian Argent, and Skai Cantante

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