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 Wanted for Teigan, Limitless
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Posted on: Jan 28 2018, 10:02 PM
Played by Cryssie · 21 years · Werelion (Other) · Student/Bartender
"Sarcasm, because beating the shit out of people is illegal."
Teigs is always looking for new friends and people to play with, these are just a handful that she would really like to see around! Most of these cool cats were born and raised on Kitty Island not the real name of it The first three are Lion Guard, essentially protectors of the kitties and the island. The next four are part of the Kitty exchange and friends of Teigan, perhaps even part of Teva’sTeigan and Eva pack later on. Most of them are a few years older than or around the same age as Teigan. Most of everything else is up to the player! Also anyone can be made for the Kitty Exchange or a Kitty that's not from the island or has never been or heard of it as well hence limitless lol

Blair Redford/Lion/Lion Guard
Meet the biggest toughest teddy bear ever. Blair's history is up to you, but he is part of the Lion Guard that protects the werecats of the island. When Teigan decided to go back to New Orleans her father insisted that she take guards to look after her and the other lions. It took a lot of arguing, but she managed to get his mini army number down to three guards. Blair is the leader and the guard Teigs is closest to. He's like a big brother to her and is pretty lenient, but still makes sure she's safe at all times, even if she can handle herself. It'd be cool if his face stayed Blair Redford, but I'm okay with it changing just run it by me (: Also Teigs is 21 so he's gotta be over a few years older than her.

Alycia Debnam Carey/Jaguar or Cheetah/Lion Guard
This gem is fierce. She’s more by the book than Blair and likes it that way. She’s got a rough exterior that hard to crack, but not impossible. She doesn’t care that Blair is so relaxed about being around humans and other creatures. In the beginning she wasn’t too happy about being selected to guard Teigs and the other cats. By now she’d be used to it, besides hanging around Teigan no one can stay that grumpy for too long. She’ll get a smile out of them somehow. Her history and everything else is up to you. The only thing I ask is that she be born on the island and she’s a bit older than Teigs.

Benjamin Stone/Sand Cat or Lynx
Nine Lives of Chloe King nostalgia anyone? No? Okay… Well I have it for Alec and Chloe so sue me lol! Anyway this guy is rookie to the Lion Guard and his first official job was to protect Teigs and the other cats. He’s rather friendly and like a little brother to Alycia and Blair. They fuss at him about his mistakes and praise him on his jobs well done. Now, this doesn’t have to happen but what’s a little harmless flirting Tiegs probably met him o her first trip to the island when he was just in training and they clicked. He did more than her though. So there’s some flirting going on and maybe even him eventually asking her on a date. That’s where things would get complicated ahaha. because yes all the drama lol Anyway everything is up you he can be around Teigs age or a little older up to you!

Ki Hong Lee/Panther or Caracal/Kitty Exchange
MORE CHLOE KING NOSTALGIA!!!!!!! So in Chloe king this guy was one of her best friends! He was dorky and awesome and it works because, for those that don’t know, he also played Minho in the Maze Runner movies. So that means plots with people like stiles and the McCall pack and Margaret Holt(face claim is Kaya Scodelario) So yay! Okay when Teigs decided to come back to New Orleans some of the kitties wanted to come back with her to enjoy the luxury that is a “normal” life away from the island or just explore. So Teigan named it the Kitty Exchange program for shits and giggles. He was one of the first to sign up. He and Teigs get along quite well. They bond over their nerdier sides and I see them protecting each other like family. It has been four or so years after all.

Keke Palmer/Lion or Leopard/Kitty Exchange
This beast here! Teigs loves her. If you’ve seen Scream Queens she’s sort of like Zaday Williams, but imagine if she was from New Orleans. She got an old school soul with new school spirit. She definitely keeps people on their toes. I imagined that she would occasionally sing at St John’s since they do live music from time to time, but that’s up to whoever takes her. She is also Teigan’s college dorm mate. How they got so friendly so quick can be sorted when she’s taken! Otherwise have fun with her!

Eddie Redmayne/Snow leopard or Bobcat/Kitty Exchange
This one here is Teigan’s little big. He’s younger than her but he almost towers over her and she’s almost six feet even. He also knew more than she did about being a kitty when they met so he was a tutor in a way for her. I can see him being a little awkward like Newt Scamander, but pretty optimistic, kind of like it doesn’t take him long to open up. The awkward friendly type if that makes sense. Teigs definitely looks out for him the most of everyone in the group.

Janina Gavankar/Tiger/Kitty Exchange
First off I am more than aware that Janina played Qetsiyah, but Qetsiyah is dead and she's not her here. Now that that’s cleared up, trouble is the only way to explain this girl. She’s fierce and flirty. Definitely has that alpha meets high school queen bee kind of persona. Her and Teigs didn’t hit it off well when they met, and even still butt heads, but she’s definitely Teigan’s plus one to the frat parties!

Jackson Whittemore
Would you be able to accept that I had an idea that I didn't want to openly share because it's only for whoever makes Jackson to agree(or disagree) on? I do have a plan and as much as I would like to type, I've learned some people are bleh about AU ideas with canons. So if you're okay and you want him just let me know!

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