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 Rules, All the Rules of EOS
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Posted on: Feb 16 2016, 03:15 PM
Played by Cryssie · 23 years · Admin · Overseer
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1. Be respectful of other members as well as staff.
2. Racial, Sexual, or Religious slurs of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.
3. This board is TV-17, please keep all posts, PMs, and chat posts within that rating. [With the new 3,2,3 RPG Rating This site is still TV-17, but now swearing as well as violence have been loosened to fit the growing characters. We do ask that you do not go overboard. The first sign of it we will kick the rating back down to triple 2. Thank you.]
4. This site has a 200 Word Count. Excluding rapifire posts.
5. This site is one character per account which means that for each new character you'll need to create a new account.
6. We also ask that each member have an OOC Account. This makes things easier on both the members and the staff when it comes to PMing or linking subaccounts.

Out Of Character
1. Do not take In Character quarrels Out Of Character.
2. If you have trouble with another member try to resolve it through PM or take it to an admin if the problem persists.
3. Once you finish a WIP application, bump it to let us know that it is done. We try to read over applications as quickly as possible but sometimes things happen. If that's the case with your app, please wait three days after your application has been completed (not posted) to PM a staff member.
4. You have a week to post an application either complete or WIP, after that your account will be deleted.
5. After your character has been accepted you have three days to post your claims, if you fail to do so, your claims will still be open and someone else could potentially claim them. If you are a canon character, your account will be marked inactive (but not deleted) and the canon will be reopened.
6. If you finish a thread and would like it to be archived then please add [FIN] to the title.
7. When making your character please keep in mind that while inspired OCs are fine we do not allow characters from fandoms not on this site; i.e., video game characters, superheros, etc. So for example you can make an OC inspired by Superman but it can't actually BE Superman.

In Character
1.While there is no rule for the number of characters you can have we STRONGLY ask that you don't take more than you can handle and if you aren't posting regularly with them the staff will take appropriate action and if we see a pattern of this happening we will instill a character number limit rule. There is however a limit of 8 canons total per member, two per fandom, and only one major canon per fandom.
2. Once your character is accepted, you have one week to post an IC post for them then if it's a canon it will be reopened. If you are unable to do so please have posted in the Absence board beforehand.
3. This forum operates under liquid time which means that your character can be in however many threads you can keep track of, within the current setting of the site.
4. No god-modding or power-playing. If you have another member's permission to possess/compel their character then it is acceptable but you must have permission before you post.
5. Graphics are not required but they are recommended, however we do ask that you use real life celebrities only. Avatars are 250x400px, gifs will resize automatically as(square gifs are recommended), and signatures are to be no wider than 500px.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to drop a line in the c-box, PM a staff member, or post in the questions board!!

The staff of EOS reserves the right to interpret the rules as they see fit.

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