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Posted on: May 23 2016, 07:46 PM
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Site Setting

PLACE: ALL shows are now set in New Orleans, LA. TVD verse arrived when the heretics claimed Mystic Falls, VA. They turned to New Orleans as their new home. Teen Wolf was moved to New Orleans by Lydia's extended family and coven of banshees led by her aunt Grace Ryder. After they encountered a threat that nearly succeeded in killing them. The Winchester brothers found themselves working a case in New Orleans. So every show is set in New Orleans.

TIME: How EOS liquid time and timeline works. With the latest plot update the new time is set 2 years ahead of our current year. As for the month's they are determined by the time of month real time. So April-May will be the last two weeks of April and the first two weeks of May. Meaning for May-June, it is the last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of June and so on. This way each month has four weeks like a normal real time month.

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